Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

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D. Identification of potential problem areas.
1. Particular attention should be paid to employee training and to those categories where minority groups and women may be underutilized.
2. Hiring statistics should reveal no adverse impact regarding minorities and females.
3. The selection process, including position descriptions, job titles, application forms, interview procedures, the use and administration of tests, referral procedures, and final selection process, training, transfers and promotions should be analyzed to ensure that such personnel practices are being uniformly applied without regard to race, color, religion, sex or national origin and that none of the selection procedures has an adverse impact on minorities or women, statistically or otherwise.
4. Employer's transfer and training experience reflects no adverse impact on minorities or women and all physical facilities, sponsored recreation and social events, and special programs, including educational assistance, are applied and made available on a nondiscriminatory basis.

E. Remedial action.
1. Where underutilization in any job group exists, goals and timetables have been established.
2. Position descriptions are reviewed periodically and properly identify job-related requirements.
3. Minorities and women are not excluded from any Company-sponsored activities or programs, and such programs are fully integrated.
4. No de facto segregation exists at the Company.
5. Job descriptions are periodically reviewed and revised to ensure that they are job-related and consistent for the same job from one department or unit to another.
6. Worker specifications are reviewed to ensure that they are job-related and do not screen out minorities or women.
7. With respect to sex discrimination:
a. Employment advertising does not express a sex preference. Further, employees of both sexes are recruited for all jobs with Employer.
b. Our personnel policy manual and employment application forms expressly state there will be no discrimination on account of sex.
c. We recruit employees of both sexes for all positions, except where sex is a bona fide occupation qualification.
d. We offer employees of both sexes an equal opportunity for any jobs they are qualified to perform, except when sex is a bona fide occupation qualification.
e. We do not make any distinction based upon sex with regard to employment opportunities, wages, hours or other terms and conditions of employment.
f. We do not make any distinction between married and unmarried persons of one sex that is not made between married and unmarried persons of the other sex.
g. Appropriate physical facilities to both sexes are provided.
h. Women who require time away from work for childbearing are not penalized.
8. With respect to national origin discrimination:
a. The Employer is committed to providing and ensuring equal employment opportunity to all applicants and employees without regard to their religion or national origin.
9. Periodically the Employer shall review its practices to determine whether members of various religious and ethnic groups are receiving unfair consideration of job opportunities.



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