A.Williams Construction is a small company that truly believes in the sprit of Community. Our community is not only Park Slope, where we are located, but every neighborhood of the City where we work.

Small business is the backbone of the community and entrepreneurs are - like the clergy and our elected officials, leaders of the community. We believe that community leaders collectively have a social responsibility to provided jobs and create opportunity for the communities in which they operate.

Our contributions may not be the biggest but we are consistently supportive not only financially but by providing jobs for young people and Veterans. We insist on diversity, because diversity produces strength and unity.

One of our priorities is to be good neighbors. One of the first things we do when we go to a jobsite is meet and get to know the neighbors and include them as part of our "team".
Hiring from the community is a requirement that is never waived. We also require all our subcontractors to recruit apprentices from the community in an attempt to enrich the community after our work is done. We also participate and encourage purchasing locally form suppliers and vendors.

The CEO of A. Williams Construction, Dolly Williams, takes her social responsibility personally and as such has served on many boards of museums, colleges and non-for profits. Almost every evening Dolly attends a function or event to support something in the community. She has served on the community board for several years and has served as a New York City Planning Commissioner for five years.

We at A. Williams believe in giving back to organizations that help the less fortunate and by giving back we have enriched our company and our personal lives as well.

Some of the Community Organizations supported by A. Williams Construction:

* The Brooklyn Children's Museum
* The West Indian Day Carnival Association
* Caribbean American Center of New York
* Metropolitan Jewish Hospice
* St. Francis College
* Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce
* Prospect Park Alliance
* Brooklyn Academy of Music
* Brooklyn Public Library
* Trinidad & Tobago Council General


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What We Do

* Demolition
* Excavation/Foundation
* Site Work
* Contaminated Soil Removal
* Interior Renovations
* Design Build
* Developer/Builder
* General Construction
* Construction Management

A. Williams Construction

* Family Owned & Operated Since 1978.

* Minority/Women Owned Enterprise.

* From Digging the Dirt to Cutting The Ribbon.


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